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Fantasy, science fiction, wrestling and whatever other genre I fancy…


Running Errant: A dwarf and his monster — or is that the other way around? Two comrades-in-arms on a perilous journey.
Genre: Sword & Sorcery (uh, sorry, Axe & Sorcery)


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About Me.

I’ve been a writer almost as long as I can remember. When I was six, on vacation, I started writing a science fiction short story featuring my toy helicopter as a spacecraft. (I managed two pages that didn’t go anywhere.)
Writing has always with me, always been my dream.
Unfortunately, I’ve taken quite a few detours in my life, faced a good deal of frustration, but now I want to tackle the dream again. For one thing, I’m opening the (metaphorical) drawer of unpublished material, polishing it up and pushing it out into the world. For another, I’m getting back on that writing horse and creating new stuff. Slowly, apparently.
Looking back at my old writing, I’ve fallen in love again with some old friends, and I hope you’ll meet and like them as well.




Caution: Rambling and occasional coherence ahead.
About writing, about graphics, about things that just bother me. Well, about stuff…
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What am I working on?

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