And your characters for this book are…

Characters are at the heart of every book, more so every series of books. Here, I’d like to introduce you to the regulars of Kyle Matthews, Homicide.

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Kyle Matthews

As the narrator, Kyle is rather prevalent in this series. Around 30 years old, going on 700 in self-declared world-weariness, he’s a homicide detective in the (fictional) city of Sparta, Arizona. He grew up watching television – wrestling, science fiction, anything the magic tube provided -, and if it weren’t for his 6’4” frame, he was probably destined to be a pencil-necked geek. As it is, he’s still a nerd, and if you meet him, you’ll most likely find out within minutes.

Kyle wanted to be a wrestler back in the day. He trained, toured for a couple of months and working the ring before realizing he isn’t suited to the job. So, right, police work is the logical alternative. Eh… Sure… All in all, it’s a good job. Being tall and muscular helps in the intimidation department, sometimes you get to chase a perp like on television or maybe kick in a door. Okay, yes, there’s also this thinkey bit and putting together clues. And paperwork. Ugh. Well, to be fair, thinking isn’t bad, just less fun. But paperwork? The job would be a lot better without it.

Ray Connors

A couple of years ago, Ray used to be up-and-coming wrestling star Major D-Saster. Then, there was a teensy-tiny accident, just a blip, really. Fine, yes, the blip put Ray in a wheelchair and permanently paralyzed half his face. That’s no reason to stop enjoying life, though. Not when there are tv shows to watch together with your best idiot, uh, friend Kyle, a wrestling dirtsheet to share rumors on and connect with fans, lots of nerd stuff and… Uh, right, having a loving wife and a precocious son isn’t that bad, either.

Sylvie Daniels

The Herder of Radio Cats is a producer at the local radio station KCWS. A couple of months ago, Sylvie made a really bad decision when she fell head over heels for a big muscleman of a homicide detective (some Matthews fella or something). So, at work she runs a radio program full of inanities, all the while dreaming of switching to serious television news. And when she meets up with her boyfriend, she has to put up with a goofball who’s just as likely to talk to her as Bugs Bunny as honestly declare his love for her. Quite a task for the Mistress of Madcap Miscellany – a.k.a. the Seeker of the Serious!

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