Cover Art for my upcoming or planned books

A word of caution: Not all of these books are finished yet. But I had some early ideas on artwork for the cover, so I tried my hand at that. And in some cases, uhhhh, the cover art came first. 😉
Moreover, not all of these covers are necessarily the final versions. At least one is just an early thought of what the cover should look like.

The Adventures of Stickfigure Man (and Woman)

I’m learning to draw on the computer at the moment (because I can’t do that in real life). I started out because I wanted to create covers for my own stories, but naturally, over-excitable me wound up getting drawn into this whole artwork thing. I’m still bad at depicting humans, so I went for stickfigures. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot you can do with those. So here are some of those I’ve had fun with. (Mind you, one in particular is of course a fan drawing, an hommage. Uh, yeah, the Batman one. Nobody sue me, please…)

Cover Art for Fictitious Titles

Artwork has been a long-time frenemy of mine. On the one hand, I adore good covers as well as, say, comic book art. On the other, I am definitely incapable of drawing very well. Or at all. So when I started learning about graphic design for my own stories, I was shocked when ideas for other covers crept into my head and demanded I create them. So, here are the ones that turned out reasonably well.
Note: I’ve used GIMP for these. Lately, I’ve switched over to Inkscape for most of my graphics needs.

Images Used in My Cover Art

As per the licensing agreement, some of the images I’ve used and altered for my covers have to be made available under the same license.

At this point, that applies to the image for The Squared Circle Murders. Here is the photo that I changed in GIMP. (For those interested, the original photo is in color. I kept the wrestlers in focus while putting the rest through a blur filter. I added a Newspaper effect, then turned the entire picture into black and white. And if you’re really interested, the inspiration came from pulp crime booklets from the 1960s and 1970s, especially the German Jerry Cotton series.) You may download and use it under the license CC BY-SA 2.0.