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Evolution of a Cover in Digital Art

To Steal the Dragonrod (soon to be published) For the longest time, I thought that cover art was a huge problem for me. Or art in general. In real life, I can manage stick figures and poorly drawn houses. That’s it. In the world of digital art, I drew some – much better but still bad – pictures for an adventure game I programmed in the 1980s. Yes, that long ago. In 2019, though, I finally took the plunge and tried to actually learn how to draw on the computer. The best advice here, of… Read More »Evolution of a Cover in Digital Art

No Plan Survives Enemy Contact

Just a short while ago, I outlined my plan for the next stories I’d publish and write. Yeah. That didn’t last long. After releasing The Squared Circle Murders to grand acclaim (<cough> one sale <cough>), I rethought my ideas for how to continue. That was also assisted by something else: As much as I love the character of Kyle Matthews, my passion for fantasy stories has been rekindled (not least by The Witcher tv series, to be honest). Looking over the existing fantasy stories about Cornell of Cayaboré, I realized that the texts didn’t really… Read More »No Plan Survives Enemy Contact

And your characters for this book are…

Characters are at the heart of every book, more so every series of books. Here, I’d like to introduce you to the regulars of Kyle Matthews, Homicide. Buy the first book of the series here: The Squared Circle Murders on Amazon. Kyle Matthews As the narrator, Kyle is rather prevalent in this series. Around 30 years old, going on 700 in self-declared world-weariness, he’s a homicide detective in the (fictional) city of Sparta, Arizona. He grew up watching television – wrestling, science fiction, anything the magic tube provided -, and if it weren’t for his… Read More »And your characters for this book are…

What am I working on?

Crime: Kyle Matthews, Homicide I just released my first book, The Squared Circle Murders, on Amazon. The first novel in the (uh, planned) Kyle Matthews, Homicide series, it was originally written in 2001. (Thus it is now a historical novel, I guess.) Currently, I’m working on the sequel, with the imaginative working title Cold Case. It opens with your regular day – get up, shower, drive to work, dead hooker, chat with colleagues. Well, fine, more regular for Kyle, that is… This story is more of a cozy murder mystery than the hard-boiled action it… Read More »What am I working on?

The Bob the Barbarian Conundrum

You’re reading a fantasy novel with weird names full of apostrophes in a fantastic setting. And then comes the barbarian, named Bob. Like he’s from the bar next door or the accountant at the office. A lot of people have complained about that over the years, and it’s often seen as a sign of a newbie writer. Now, fine, I’ve been writing in unpublished obscurity but I’ve read a lot of books, not least about the ideas, skills and approaches to writing stories. And I’ve been doing that (with a good number of loooooong breaks)… Read More »The Bob the Barbarian Conundrum

A Tale of Two Kyles

When I was 12 or 13 years old, back in mumble-mumble, I wrote my first novel. A gruesome science fiction mishmash of Battlestar Galactica, the German pulp series Perry Rhodan and some Young Adult ideas I had kicking around my brain. In the story, thousands of kids were abducted by aliens and trained to serve on their battleships. (Don’t worry, I used memory dumps so I didn’t have to bother with any real emotions or hard sci-fi terminology. 😉 ) Of course, the kids stole a huge ship and started searching for home. As I… Read More »A Tale of Two Kyles