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The Squared Circle Murders

Once upon a time, Kyle’s dream had been to become a professional wrestler. He couldn’t make it and chose a reputable job as a police detective instead. Now, though, the dream is coming back – unfortunately, drenched in blood. The now-homicide detective has to investigate old friends.

Set in the summer of 2001

A cozy mystery masquerading as a hardboiled thriller.

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To Steal the Dragonrod

A novella in the world of Gushémal

The mission is clear: Acquire a powerful magical weapon for your king and bring it back home. All is going swimmingly for Cornell of Cayaboré – until an old friend turns up. Plans tend to go up in flames with him around…

Part of the overarching storyline Through the Desert.

Coming in summer 2020

Underground Assault (Working Title)

A novella in the world of Gushémal

A slight detour to help out a friend – what could go wrong? Oh, just getting caught up in a warlord’s campaign to become a petty king on the outskirts of a crumbling empire. And that on the wrong end of the warlord’s raid on a small town.

Plus, Cornell of Cayaboré hasn’t even gotten close to his friend. How annoying! Okay, fine, there’s the slight matter of surviving, too…

Part of the overarching storyline Through the Desert.