What am I working on?

Crime: Kyle Matthews, Homicide

I just released my first book, The Squared Circle Murders, on Amazon. The first novel in the (uh, planned) Kyle Matthews, Homicide series, it was originally written in 2001. (Thus it is now a historical novel, I guess.) Currently, I’m working on the sequel, with the imaginative working title Cold Case. It opens with your regular day – get up, shower, drive to work, dead hooker, chat with colleagues. Well, fine, more regular for Kyle, that is…

This story is more of a cozy murder mystery than the hard-boiled action it fancies itself as. Influences are plentiful, mostly from the PI genre – e.g. Robert B. Parker’s Spenser or Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (not that this is too easy to see, mind you).

Sword and Sorcery: Cornell of Cayaboré

Sometime in the near future, I’ll release the fantasy work Through the Desert (in chunks to be collected later). Five short stories about an adventurer/spy called Cornell of Cayaboré. And, I suppose, his companions are also in those tales. Mostly providing headaches for Cornell. Look, he’s just stolen a powerful magical artefact and is trying to get it home to his bosses. There’s no need for dungeon diving, rescuing a manling alreu from a demonic ritual or that sort of thing! Dammit, now those idiots are going there anyway, and somebody’s got to get them out of that mess…

Kind of a theme here but I also wrote those stories in the early 2000s. At the moment, I’m adapting them a bit and adding new stories around them. Originally, I didn’t have much of a thematic plan except that Cornell and company should be moving through the titular desert, but now I have a connecting idea and a plot goal. (Admittedly, that’s rather distant for these stories that are more happy-go-lu—, uh, annoyed-go-lucky.) I had already written a follow-up novella which I recently re-read and, uhm, well, let’s just say it’ll never see the light of day. Urks. So, after fleshing out the first Cornell stories into a more cohesive whole, I’ll work on the sequel Shattered City that I plan to be an anthology novel indeed.

Other projects – a wrestling soap and science fiction

Those are my primary projects at the moment. A secondary one is Rasslin’ Fire about a small pro wrestling outfit in the early 1970s. That one was inspired by a lot of the crazy tales I’ve heard about what actually happened and was common at the time. I’ll never do that justice, but I’ll give it a try.

Beyond that, there’s a series of science fiction stories that I’ve had in the back of my mind for way too many years. I know a good bit about the world, the themes and conflicts, and I have the basic conflict. But the whole story has never come together, so good Douglas Donnelly has gone on the backburner for the time being. Well, on the plus side, by the time I get to release those tales, I should have learned a good deal more about artwork. Maybe I’ll actually be able to draw a convincing spaceship… 🙂

So, that’s a current update, and now I’d better get back to Mr. Matthews who is currently interviewing his girlfriend’s new boss about a murder. Yeah, sounds like that’s gonna be easy as pie…

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